Managed Services


We monitor the status of your workstations and servers, to include disk space and health, overall system health, and critical processes. We are notified about these things when they reach a threshold.

Critical notifications get addressed almost immediately. This reduces the possibility that there will be system downtime resulting from hardware or software problems.

Patching Email & Hosted Applications


Patching, or Updating windows was originally something users could do for themselves. A small notification came up in the system tray, and the user would initiate the updates at that time.

A user might run the updates at the end of their day, to keep unproductive time to a minimum. Updates rarely caused problems and ran relatively quickly.

Monitoring Email & Hosted Applications

Today windows updates can come at any time, take long periods to complete, and CAUSE problems that were not there before.

Some examples below:
KB4556799 05/24/2020
KB4560960 06/12/2020

Our patching process reduces and eliminates downtime, thereby making your employees more productive.

We do so by:
1. Using a Tier-1 Monitoring platform – NINJA RMM
2. Running the patching off-hours
3. Monitoring the news feeds about the latest Microsoft patches
4. Delaying problem patches until they can be fixed and replaced by Microsoft


Antivirus has always been important part of your PC’s health and Security. You probably already know why. Having a good antivirus is the second step in protecting your PC’s health and security. Our RMM product includes a cloud-managed version of Bitdefender. It is the premier AV/Security solution in place today

We monitor it, manage it, and resolve issues that may occur, without charging you for time spent making sure they are all working and up to date.