Cloud Backup & Recovery


Backing up to the cloud provides significant cost savings over traditional backup solutions, as well as faster recovery times when you need it most.

No businesses are backing up to tape anymore, but many are still relying on local backup drives that can fall victim to hardware failure, malware, or the ransomware epidemic.

In case you didn’t know, today most ransomware DELETES what’s on the local backup drive. Do you want to take that chance?

Cloud backup provides cost-effective peace-of-mind for those who don’t want to “bet-the-bank” on their local on-site backup, or just want to supplement their existing backup solution. We have plans for any budget, any amount of data, or retention requirements.

Backing up to the cloud provides:

  • Daily, file-level and image backups of your systems
  • Daily confirmation that data was backed up completely and successfully faster recovery times for file recovery
  • DTSG daily monitoring and backup resolution at NO CHARGE
  • Better protection from hardware and security-related issues
  • Accurate reporting and off-site storage, for those who have audit or compliance requirements

Virtual Disaster Recovery

Virtual Disaster Recovery
Automate disaster recovery and provide increased data accessibility with the ability to perform a full system restore via a virtual machine. Waiting for repairs to a physical machine, or buying a new one, isn’t necessary.

Server Backup

Server Backup
Enjoy a fully automated backup process for information stored on your standard servers and virtual machines, with the integration of all plugins. When you need access to your data, it is easily accessible.

Workstation Backup Enjoy a fully automated backup process for information stored on your computers and laptops. Quickly and Securely backup or restore important documents.

Central Live Monitoring
Conveniently manage all aspects of your backup and restore in real time. Select and adjust policies, receive detailed analysis, and more – all from one dashboard.

Our software identifies any changes to a file and only backs up added or altered blocks that were not part of previous file backups. Conserve bandwidth and save space by preventing double storage of data.

Prevent your backed-up files from being deleted when their retention periods expire. We can keep their critical data accessible to more easily meet compliance standards.

Virtualized Backup
Perform a live backup of your virtual machines, such as VMware and Hyper-V, at disc level. Restore your entire server in minutes.

Cross-Platform Compatibility
Our platform seamlessly integrates with Windows®, Linux® and OS X® platforms, as well as Microsoft® Exchange, Hyper-V®, SharePoint®, SQL Server®, MySQL®, Oracle® and VMware®.

Local Speed Vault
Whether your offline, or online, a copy of your backup can go to a local storage device, or speed vault directory. This creates an exceptionally fast local restore.