Cyber Security


Cyber SecurityAs the technology landscape changes, security is now foremost on everyone’s mind. Desktop Services provides security-related consulting services, advice, and training to clients as a means of helping to reduce (or eliminate!) the potential for lost time and money from the myriad of nasty things out there on the internet.

Those services include:

  • Publishing and distribution of the latest security notices and alerts
  • Explanation of current security risks in layman’s terms, to help users, managers, and owners better understand what’s going on out there, and how things may pose a risk to their IT environment.
  • Training services to improve user security knowledge and awareness
  • Searches of the internet to determine if names and passwords have been breached, and recommended remediation of said breaches.
  • Evaluation of possible or probable hacking attempts to help determine where the breach occurred.
  • Software and services geared towards STOPPING a breach from spreading across a network
  • It is our goal to help clients better protect themselves from the risks that currently exist, now and in the future.

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